Welcome to Forked Meadow! In order to proceed to the live webcams, weather information, and flight data, you will need to login below. If you do not have the current password, please get in touch with us either in person or via email and we can give you the password. We restrict access because the server is not the most robust and can't handle a ton of simultaneous connections.


If the webpage times out after you hit the submit button, try again in a couple minutes. Occasionally there is a server error that resolves itself. If the webpage still doesn't work for you after about ten minutes, please contact us and we can reset the server which should clear up the problem. One of these days we'll move the sever to new hardware on our webhosting provider which should resolve the problem permanently.

We're always interested in adding new sensors to Forked Meadow to feed data to the internet. If you happen to have other ideas on sensors we should add, please let us know. We're actively investigating how to add a radio receiver so we can listen in to USFS and CALFIRE radio traffic during wildfires. The 2020 Creek Fire that got very close to Forked Meadow certainly would have been interesting to listen to the local radio traffic.

Forked Meadow in the spring

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